Treehouse building begins (phase 2)

This week, I finally am back to building the treehouse.  The platform has been finished for over a year.  And now it’s time for walls, windows and roof!  Let me know if you’d like to join the fun.  All week, the pattern will be working on the treehouse in the afternoons, sitting around a fire in the evening.

IMG_4636 IMG_4643 IMG_3307



Opening Night!!


Opening Night!!

Open House Tuesday (March 19) Night!!! (hint: it doesn’t look like this anymore!)
Live music
Bring socks (freshly finished floors)
Bring Wine (if you so desire)
If you are so inspired, feel free to bring some finger food to share!
Come Celebrate with us!  DROP IN anytime between 7-11pm!

Respite in the Tree


Respite in the Tree

So good to be back up in the treehouse. Working on the house (along with generally cold and wet weather) have meant no tree climbing over the last two months. That won’t be the case once I have the cabin built up there. The sun shone, the tree branches waved gently. I looked up into the tree and took many deep breaths!! Ahhhhhhh.

Deck the house with boughs of Cedar

These went up this weekend. One joist at a time hoisted up 40 feet or so and then cut and hung and drilled into place.

Murph shows that he trusts his work


Attaching The Lag Screws holding up the cable holding up the TAB holding up the beam

View from 60 feet…of the newly laid 2×6 Cedar decking that are on 2×12 Fir Joists that are on 4×10 Fir Glue-Lam Beams that are on Tree Attachment Bolts that are further supported by Turnbuckle Cables that are in a Sequoia Redwood 33 feet high!