Treehouse Beams

Three Days.  One Sequoia Redwood Tree.  One great treehouse builder.  Seven Friends.  Two ropes and harnesses.  Four Tree Attachment Bolts (TABS).  Two 15-foot glulam Beams.

Now we have the most difficult and most important part of a treehouse 33 feet up in the 111-foot Sequoia.  The base for what will be the first treehouse in the Tumtum Tree Project.  This treehouse I’m calling the ‘CATHEDRAL TREEHOUSE.’  It will be a writing studio with desk and window seat on the first level, and a sleeping loft on the second level.

Murph preparing the tree–and hauling up tools

This is looking 33 feet down from the beam

These are custom made for building serious treehouses.

What an exhilarating feeling on the third day when the second beam was lifted and secured into place!!