Deck the house with boughs of Cedar

These went up this weekend. One joist at a time hoisted up 40 feet or so and then cut and hung and drilled into place.

Murph shows that he trusts his work


Attaching The Lag Screws holding up the cable holding up the TAB holding up the beam

View from 60 feet…of the newly laid 2×6 Cedar decking that are on 2×12 Fir Joists that are on 4×10 Fir Glue-Lam Beams that are on Tree Attachment Bolts that are further supported by Turnbuckle Cables that are in a Sequoia Redwood 33 feet high!


First Treehouse Begins!!

Even while the plans are being made for the Tumtum Treehouse, we will begin construction on a smaller treehouse THIS WEEK!!  Michael Murphy–treehouse builder, kindred spirit, and founder of Experience Earth–will be coming down from Tacoma to help put up the platform for our first treehouse.  This one will be smaller and simpler than the Tumtum treehouse, and will be built in the great Sequoia (pictured).  This is a photo taken while standing in the crotch of the tree–it looks like it is seven trees, but they are actually seven trunks coming from one main trunk.  The treehouse will nestle in between all of these trunks approximately 25 feet up in the tree.  Look for more updates on this…Image

Treehouse Team

The Tumtum treehouse plans are being developed and I have gathered together the first meeting of the tumtum treehouse team–great time meeting under the tree, brainstorming, envisioning how the vision can connect with the practicality of actually building it.  Arborist Carl Anderson, Designer Bryan Boyd, Imaginative Builder Andy Copeland, and Community Expert Heidi Hopkins gathered under the tree and talked for over an hour and really helped put some feet on the vision of this treehouse.  Each person bringing great questions and insights to the table!  Thanks to this great team, and others on the team will include Artistic consultant Tim Timmerman, Treehouse Builder and Ropes expert Michael Murphy, and Naturalist Artist Craig Goodworth.  Of course I have also been meeting with Rachel Belgard as the Publicist and Graphic Design lead, along with the wonderful Designer Karina Salgado and Engineering Designer Sarah Belgard.  Looking forward to more planning with this awesome team!