Surround yourself with genius

In the process of pursuing this crazy dream (or following it, to be more accurate), I have been encouraged by the enthusiasm and energy provided by several very inspirational, creative people with whom I’ve shared the idea. Each of them has not only boosted my own enthusiasm for the project, but has helped shape the dream even as they have reflected back to me in creative form ways to share it.


Draft sketch for the Tumtum Tree Project Logo by the amazing Rachel Belgard

One great example is Rachel Belgard. She is a GFU alum who is an amazing graphic designer who has offered her time to help shape and spread this vision. She has given me so much input and inspiration in pursuing this, I can’t state it enough, but one example is coming up with a logo for the project.  Instead of sketching out 2 or 3 ideas to choose from, she sketched out (in a flurry of creative genius) about 15 different options–and I loved them all. The image above is just one example–and this is just a preliminary sketch to get the general idea. What I love about this one is that it suggests two aspects of this project–the treehouse portion as well as one of the phase 2 elements of the project–which is to build a HOBBIT house in the hill leading down to the creek. She put the hobbit house as if it were in the trunk of the treehouse. It won’t actually be in that spot, but it shows in one image the essence of the project. I’ll post other sketches soon.


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