This is a blog about a tree.  A place.  A place where artists, writers, and healers can come to think, feel, and hope.  To slow down and enjoy the beat of the tumtum tree.  Tumtum is Chinook for ‘thinking, feeling, hoping,’ and it can also mean ‘heart’ and the word sounds like the beat of a heart.  tum..tum…..tum..tum…..tum..tum……

Sit in a tree.  Breathe fresh air.  Listen to the creek.  Stare at the sky through the leaves and branches.  Find solitude.  Find community.  Rest.  Create.  And leave with a bit of the tumtum place and the tumtum pace in your bones.


1 thought on “Tumtum

  1. Corey~ What an AMAZING idea! I am so excited to follow your progress! I am praying for the success of each of your projects. You and Jill are amazing and I can’t help but marvel at the inspiration you are giving your boys, nieces and nephews!

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